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"Betwixt and between. They live in the abandoned places.
They are shadow and light. They are the children of nothing and night."


Thorn Jack

Now available in paperback!

The faery folk, the Gentry, the Sidhe...in ancient Ireland, they were associated with the dead. In Thorn Jack, they are the children of nothing and night and the outlaws of their kind have fled to America, tribes disguised as multi-generational families. Some are elemental, capricious, while others are predatory and parasitic. There are kings, queens, and fools...and mortals, changed by their time with these nomadic spirits into something monstrous...

Still coping with her older sister's suicide, 17-year-old Finn Sullivan and her father, a professor of folklore, have just moved to Fair Hollow, a town in upstate New York where the mysterious Fata family have resided for a century or more. When Finn meets Jack Fata, a fiercely striking and charismatic young man, he leads her into a hidden world of shadows and blood, where nothing is as it seems.

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Briar Queen


NEW EBOOK: Bones and Heart: A Night and Nothing Tale
March 10, 2015

NEW BOOK: Briar Queen paperback!
June 2, 2015

Praise for Thorn Jack

"Harbour finds some new ground in this twisty, contemporary re-telling of the oft-retold Scottish ballad 'Tam Lin.'"
   —Publishers Weekly

"Now (Tam Lin) emerges again, artfully recreated by debut novelist Katherine Harbour."
   —Barnes & Noble Bookseller's Picks for June

"4 stars out of 4 and a half"
   —RT Book Reviews