The Dark Fable

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Evie Wilder is an orphan who has gone through most of her life unnoticed. That is until the Dark Fable notices her for a very special reason: She can literally turn invisible. While working a museum party, Evie is caught in a dramatic heist that earns her an invitation to join the mysterious gang known for spiriting away obscure and occult artifacts. After all, a girl who can turn invisible would make an incredible asset to the legendary group of thieves. And Evie, who has never felt wanted by anyone, cannot resist their invitation.

Angry and desperate to escape her lonely life of scrambling to survive, Evie is eager to join this new family. But Evie learns there are a lot more skeletons in her newfound family’s past than she could have imagined. Secrets that might be the answer to her own tragic past. Not everyone is who they seem to be and the price of uncovering the Dark Fable’s secrets could be fatal.

A lush story feature heists, secrets, and a morally gray ensemble cast, The Dark Fable will charm fans of These Violent Delights and Six of Crows.

“Fast-moving and twisty …this YA fantasy is a great read for fans of magical heists and found family.”
“A glamorous world of heists and cons hides a dark evil that lurks beneath lavish lifestyles.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Witty dialogue, immersive world building, original magic systems, and emotionally rich characters culminate in a tale that celebrates the intimacy of being seen and accepted.'”
Publishers Weekly

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